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Zahnradprüfmaschine HOEFLER EMZ 400, B.j. 1988

"Zahnradprüfmaschine HOEFLER EMZ 400, B.j. 1988"

InseratNr. # P0112429
Maschinentyp: Zahnradprüfmaschine
Hersteller: HOEFLER
Baujahr: 1988
Typ: EMZ 400
Zustand: gebraucht
Betriebsstunden: h
Referenznummer: p113083
  • ID: P0112429
  • 1653
  • 2019-11-30
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  • Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
  • Hans-Jürgen
  • Herr Michael Richter
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  • Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH

  • Herr Michael Richter
  • , Deutschland

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TypEMZ 400
Maschinengewicht ca.2
Modul - max.15
Raddurchmesser - max.400
Modul - min.05
max wheel diameter: 400 mm
gear width: 500 mm
max module: 15
min module: 05
total power requirement: 25 kW
weight of the machine ca: 2 t
dimensions of the machine ca: m

Working range:
Min./max. gear Ø / base circle Ø 0 - 400 / 390 mm
Module range 0.5 - 15
Gear width, max. 500 mm

Travel of measuring head, approx. +/- 180 mm
Helix angle 0 - 60 °
Max. weight of workpiece, approx. 250 kg

Distance between centres, approx. 1,000 mm
Distance between centre block and machine body 205 mm
Table Ø, approx. 290 mm
Plotter diagram scales 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 / 200 : 1

Total electrical load, approx. 2.5 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight 2,000 kg

Machine is suitable for testing:
Profile and flank lines on a chosen number of teeth on the gear circumference, as well as tooth pitch and runout tests of gears with straight and helical teeth.

Accessories / Special Features
HOEFLER CNC Measuring Control in 4 axes, with monitor and input terminal, for automatic measuring of various gear profiles on known and unknown (with regard to profile) workpieces.
X = tangential adjustment of measuring head (cross).
Y = Radial adjustment of complete measuring slide (250 mm)
Z = Vertical travel of measuring slide.
C = Table swivelling.
Automatic feed-in of 3-D measuring probe into the base circle, and into tooth gap.
Automatic evaluation of measuring results according to DIN or AGMA. Printing of results, via plotter on a printer.
Separate HP Workstation, Model 382. The operator carries on a dialog with the computer during inspection process via keyboard. The actual CNC control of the machine is only needed for installation and service.
Manual operating device allows manual control of the axes for quick feed or creep feed.
At the moment we do not have any measuring software available (you need a license). The machine would therefore be ideal for a company already using this model. Otherwise, we can give you an offer for a completely new control.

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